Since 1918, members of the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters have been on the frontlines protecting lives and property of citizens across the Buckeye State – just as the OAPFF has been there to protect the interests and health and safety of those first responders. Over the years, the profession of fire fighting has expanded to include EMS and rapid response to virtually every emergency, natural and man made. Accordingly, the OAPFF has increased its services to meet the growing needs of our members.

While professional fire fighters are on the job,serving their communities, the OAPFF is on the frontline for them. Whether it is defending and protecting fire fighters and their issues at the Statehouse in Columbus or providing assistance and guidance to local unions for fights in their hometown, the OAPFF is prepared, equipped and committed. The OAPFF has gained a well-earned reputation as an effective advocate for its members at every level. We win because we operate as a team. From our Executive Board and strong staff, to hard working dedicated local affiliate leaders and our members, the OAPFF’s effectiveness stems from commitment and unity.  This State Association is always ready to assist our affiliates in accomplishing their missions. This guide is one more step to ensure that we provide the best services and assistance possible. You deserve no less.